About Perspectives and Its Editors

Perspectives is the online member publication for the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The SIGs began publishing newsletters for their affiliates in 1991. Those publications have expanded and evolved over the years and are now reviewed according to the criteria set forth by the Continuing Education Board of ASHA.

Further, all of the SIGs publish content on the graduate level for the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology, enabling readers to earn Continuing Education credits for self-study of Perspectives.

The content of Perspectives is subject to editorial review and continuing education review.

Perspectives is focused on narrow topics of interest to professionals practicing in or conducting research related to communications sciences and disorders. Typically, Perspectives is disorder-oriented (e.g., swallowing and swallowing disorders), though some SIGs focus on topics across disorders (e.g., gerontology or diversity) or that relate to pedagogy or supervision.

Each Perspectives boasts an Editor with special knowledge and expertise in the focus topics of that SIG. Each SIG's content is reviewed by a Continuing Education Content Manager and a standing Board of Reviewers who ensure that content meets requirements for ASHA continuing education self-studies.

About Perspectives on Issues in Higher Education

Perspectives on Issues in Higher Education (formerly known as the Division 10, Issues in Higher Education Newsletter) is published two times annually (June and October) by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The mission of this Group is to foster development of ever-expanding knowledge of instruction, learning strategies, and curriculum to provide the underpinnings of education and skills for practice of the profession as well as to foster collaboration among programs, faculty, research laboratories, and administration so that common concerns are addressed and resolved in the best interests of our academic members.


Ana Claudia Harten, Eastern Michigan University

Associate Editor

Corrin G. Richels, Old Dominion University

Professional Development Manager

Patrick R. Walden, St. John's University

Production Editor

Frank Wisswell, Publications, ASHA

Advertising Sales

Pamela J. Leppin, Director, Advertising Sales, ASHA

2016 Coordinating Committee

SIG Coordinator

Monica Gordon Pershey, Cleveland State University

Associate Coordinator

John W Folkins, Bowling Green State University

Angela Anthony, Eastern Illinois University

Richard (Rik) R. Lemoncello, Pacific University

ASHA Board of Directors Board Liaisons

Robert C. Fifer, Vice President for Audiology Practice

Sandra Laing Gillam, Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice

Ex Officio

Froma Roth, Associate Director, Academic Affairs and Research Education, ASHA

2016 List of Reviewers

Ana C. Harten, Editor

Corrin G. Richels, Associate Editor

Stacy K. Betz

Jean L. Blosser

Valerie E. Boyer

Monica C. Devers

Maria Claudia Franca

Sally Ann Giess

Robert E. Moore

Julie A. Scherz

Patti Solomon-Rice

Lizbeth J. Stevens

Colleen K. Worthington

Betty Yu

Richard I. Zraick

Patrick Roy Walden, Professional Development Manager

Froma P. Roth, Ex Officio

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